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A compilation of footage some projects I’ve worked on during 2018 and 2019.


Lumix Gh4

Sony A7Sii


Canon FD 50MM

Canon FD 24MM

Hanimex FD 28-80

Canon CN-E 50MM (a7sii)


Metabones Micro 4/3 to Canon FD Speedbooster

Segatron Media Camera Reel 2019 | Segatron Media

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How to Rub Brick a Curb Tutorial | Segatron Media

How to Rub Brick a Curb Tutorial | Segatron Media

Segatron Media – This is the first tutorial I’ve ever made featuring myself. Comment if you want to see or know more! All you need is a rub brick ($22 ) , some wax and a broom. This is a pretty easy thing to do especially considering the lo g lasting results of the smooth grindable ledge. This can be pretty dang rewarding! 1. Rub it till it’s smooth, sweep 2. Clear coat of lacquer (we skipped that part) 3. Wax it and grind it in till it’s buttery 4. Enjoy! This is the first ever tutorial I’ve made featuring myself. It wasn’t nearly as hard to edit as I thought it would be. Getting started on the editing was by far the hardest part, I was just looking for a way out any chance I could. But once I saw that the content wasn’t half bad it was easy to run with it. That post button still looking scary though. Shit and edited on my iPhone 6s and the @trabajandofisheye #diy
20 Gramz - Alleys - Freestyle | Segatron Media

20 Gramz – Alleys – Freestyle | Segatron Media

Segatron Media – I wanted to experiment with a handheld shot and a slightly more dynamic background for this take on the green screen. The results are interesting to me, they show a lot of potential, but I can’t exactly say I knew exactly what I was going for on this. Just practice, ya feel me? @20gramz2020 #hiphop #rap #greenscreen #freestyle #lumixGH4 #NYCsubway #trabajandoskate

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