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  • sk8rat

Some clips of Shawn pumpin over a Woodward Tahoe

Shawn Hale Woodward Tahoe | sk8rat

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WA Trip 2020 | sk8rat

WA Trip 2020 | sk8rat

sk8rat – Some VX clips from my trip up to WA this summer -Pumpers- Caleb Babcock Elise Hedge Corey Greengage Travis Harrison Shawn Hale Shane Auckland Chris Jamison Caden Smith Matt Hewury
SK8RAT WA to LA | sk8rat

SK8RAT WA to LA | sk8rat

sk8rat – 2020 been a rough year and this summer got even rougher, spent sometime up in WA for a couple funerals and seeing family and friends. Took a bit of detour back down to LA curzing through Oregon, Idaho, Utah, Nevada and back to California. Thankful for rad friends such as Kristin and Alex for letting me 3rd wheel it on their little vaca to Lagoon Theme Park in Salt Lake!

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