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  • FTC Barcelona

The footage is from late 2016/early 2017 and was originally meant to be for a shared clip between Sixsas and Thaynan Costa but because of injuries and broken computers it’s only surfacing now, which is why it’s called Objetos Perdidos.

Sixsas objetos perdidos - FTC Barcelona

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FUIMOVS - FTC Barcelona

FUIMOVS – FTC Barcelona

FTC Barcelona – Samuel Parrado, Bigsexy, Pierre Leze, Jose Vivero (Sixsas), Arnau Truque, Etienne Gagne, Dani Quintero, Deniz Yilmaz, Raul Valencia, Didrik Galasso, Maxi Geronzi. Filmed by Tomas Codina Edited By Tomas and Sixsas For more stuff like this go to: Thanks for watching!
Porfa - FTC Barcelona

Porfa – FTC Barcelona

FTC Barcelona – In order of appearance: Didrick Galasso @deedz Max Geronzi @maxgeronzi Fred Plocque-Santos @yeahleyeah Pierre Leze @pierre_leze Gabriele Galipeau Jose Vivero @sixsas Deniz Yilmaz @sssplaash Ivan Martínez @ivanmartinezstfs Chris @chris__j___ Johnny Matarazzo @dafeetdawg Support our shit at: GRACIAS!

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