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Special thanks to all the Stereo filmers and photographers that have contributed for the past 25 years.

Spike Jonze

Gabe Morford

Tobin Yelland

Eric Noren

Cole Matthews

Matt Williams

Chris Pastras


Mark Spencer

Ron Rauto

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The Skateboarding Hall of Fame was created to honor the passion, dedication and contributions to skateboarding history and culture by skateboarders and … Read More on and follow @skateboardinghalloffame

Skateboarding Hall of Fame 2019 Inductee: Jason Lee | TheStereoSoundAgency

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John Lupfer in Hi-Fidelity | TheStereoSoundAgency

John Lupfer in Hi-Fidelity | TheStereoSoundAgency

TheStereoSoundAgency – Lupfer is a class act. Pure skateboarding, pure fun, and always smiling. Happy he finally has a Stereo board! – Jason Lee Johnny has been in the Stereo Family for over a decade, and his style and positive vibes make him a perfect fit for Stereo. – Chris Pastras Follow @JohnnyLups on Filmed and Edited by Mark Spencer Guest Skaters: Walker Ryan, Kyle Brown, Scott Herskovitz, Abe Bethel, Chris Pastras, Terrence Fraiser Additional Filming: Mike Manzoori, Tim Olsen, Waylon Bone, Cody Hermann, Ryan Neddeau “What You Want” (Is What You Get) Music by Lee Dorsey – Arista Records Lee Dorsey on Spotify: Record Cover Photo: Brendan Klein

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