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Together with Global Girl Project, girls in the Youth Leadership program are learning how to raise their voices for a better future. Here, they’re practicing their dance moves for an event they hosted at the Skate School

Skateistan South Africa: Global Girls practice their dance moves | Skateistan

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Skateboarding for Social Change – Goodpush Summit 2019 | Skateistan

Skateboarding for Social Change – Goodpush Summit 2019 | Skateistan

Skateistan – In October 2019 the team at Skateistan South Africa hosted the very first Goodpush Summit, bringing together around 35 people working in social skateboarding projects worldwide. The Summit featured four days of workshops, presentations, discussion and skating, with 25 visiting skaters and educators coming from across Africa, Asia, Europe and North America. To learn more about how the Goodpush Alliance promotes skateboarding for social change, visit (Thanks to @Wes Van Heest and Evan Dittig from for putting together this video.)
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International Women’s Day: Our skaters of the year | Skateistan

Skateistan – Together with our partners, The Skateroom, we’re super proud to introduce you to some of our best skaters in Afghanistan. In a place where many girls are discouraged from doing any sport, our students are not afraid to take up space and pursue their ambitions. Happy International Women’s Day from Belqisa, Saeeda, Arezo and Marzia! Support the girls of Skateistan by donating today at

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