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SKATELINE - Tony Trujillo, Chris Joslin, Ryan Decenzo My War, Chase Webb, Milton Martinez & More - ThrasherMagazine

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Giorgi Armani's "Skate Mental" Part | ThrasherMagazine

Giorgi Armani’s "Skate Mental" Part | ThrasherMagazine

ThrasherMagazine – Marathon switch back Smiths, water-hazard kickflips and a double-set blading/board bomb drop—if Giorgi is crazy we hope he never gets sane. This part is totally mental. Keep up with Thrasher Magazine here:
Yaje Popson's "Poets" Part | ThrasherMagazine

Yaje Popson’s "Poets" Part | ThrasherMagazine

ThrasherMagazine – Yaje lights up NYC with some free-verse stylings and closes the curtains with a head-scratcher of an NBD. The streets have their own poetry. Photo by Mac Shafer Photo Featured on Issue 37 of Solo Mag Keep up with Thrasher Magazine here:

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