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  • Philip Schwartz

Random vid from pre-youtube days made during the filming of Boondoggle in 2007 for the short lived Minneapolis skate blog Featuring Davis Torgerson and David Jaimes.

slidefun | Philip Schwartz

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Flow Trash Intro | Philip Schwartz

Flow Trash Intro | Philip Schwartz

Philip Schwartz – Flow Trash is a 2010 Minneapolis skate video by Tim Fulton, Philip Schwartz and Pete Spooner. I directed and edited this intro with help from HYSTK Productions, Kevin Horn, and Pete Spooner. The titles have been left out of this version.
DEBRIS Promo 2 | Philip Schwartz

DEBRIS Promo 2 | Philip Schwartz

Philip Schwartz – Order vids at A skate video by Pete Spooner and Philip Schwartz. Featuring: Pat Gallaher, Jan Jacobson, Casey Copenhaver, Aaron Christensen, Dan Narloch, Tim Huey, and Micah Pususta

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