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Hopefully you’ve already read the little Mike Manzoori interview regarding the background behind the making of this 25 year old piece of UK skateboarding ephemera: so with context established, here it is in all its over-saturated VHS glory.
Prepare your eyes for 35 minutes of British skateboarding history, featuring many skaters who went on to leave an indelible mark on global skateboard culture and just as many who didn’t. From early 90’s Southbank to the infamous Chris Ince captained Radlands skatepark – this is a glimpse in to the not-so-recent past that ought to be of interest to anybody with even a passing involvement in our shared culture.

Cast: Slam City Skates

Sound & Vision | Slam City Skates

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H'Min Bam | Slam City Skates

H’Min Bam | Slam City Skates

If you’ve never seen H’Min Bam before, prepare yourselves for a treat. This video from 2004 is arguably one of the greatest independent skate videos of all time, along with possibly being the first nationally comprehensive Scottish skate video ever made. Its main filmer and editor, Alexander Douglas Craig, has gone on to produce numerous other gems, including the award-winning Macho Taildrop movie and two series of skate-related shows alongside Rick McCrank in the form of the Abandoned and Post Radical shows for Vice. Featuring: John Rattray, Seb Curtis, Jamie and Glen Bolland, Colin Kennedy, Div Adam, Stu Graham, Ferg and many more
Headcleaner | Slam City Skates

Headcleaner | Slam City Skates

Here is the amazing Unabomber video ‘Headcleaner’ from 2001. When putting together our recent Ode To Victoria Benches article we reminisced about some halcyon days committed to film. Eager to immerse ourselves in Toby Shuall’s part from this video we dipped into the infobahn . Our initial trawl for a good quality version of his part from this gem proved fruitless until we were helped out by Ryan Gray. This got us to thinking we should share the wealth for those of you who have never seen it and for those who have, especially during this strange time. Enjoy this transmission.Cast: Slam City Skates

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