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Harry Deane showcases some recent shredding at Cardiff’s very fine establishment ‘Spit & Sawdust’ skatepark. See plenty of Cardiff Skateboard Club heads and friends! Featuring Tom Bailey, Ethan Watkins, Div Adam, Matt Davies, Kev Barry, Ben Morris, Daniel Hill, Jake Collins, Nathan Pritchard, PJ, Ben Broyd, Leo Comanescu, Jim Silver, Jack Steele, Mike Ridout, Mike Hellier, Jess Young and Lloyd Houston. Read our interview with the fine people at Spit & Sawdust in Issue 11 which you can order here:“>“>“>“>“>

Spit & Sawdust - Spit Clip | Vague Skate Mag

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Jordan Sharkey - Vans x Vague Part | Vague Skate Mag

Jordan Sharkey – Vans x Vague Part | Vague Skate Mag

Vague Skate Mag – Subscribe here: North Wales gem Jordan Sharkey delivers a 3 and a half minute Vans x Vague part filled with absolute hammers filmed in Madrid, Stoke On-Trent, Manchester, Barcelona, Gran Canaria and London. As well as this we have a coinciding interview with Jordan which you can read here: Filmed + Edited by: Isaac Wilkinson Additional Filming by: Guillaume Perimony, Damia Tesorero, Sirus F Gahan, Joe Gutierrez + Mario Fortea Supported by Vans Europe
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Josh Cox – ISO-VAGUE | Vague Skate Mag

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