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This year, from June 13-16, Dew Tour’s back in Long Beach with all-new street and park course for skateboarders from all around the world.

Similar to last year the street course is laid out in a triangle formation but includes major upgrades to keep flow going. The course is packed with rails, ledges, hubbas, gaps and more that provides the foundation for creative lines. As for the park, it received a huge corner deep end, plenty of extensions, and quarter pipes and speed rollers on top of the deck for added creativity.

The Breakdown: Street Course Overview

• Low-down rail: 7’7”

• Bump to bar: 10’

• Boost Mobile eight stair rails: 10’ 9”

• Mountain Dew Can hubba: 8’

• A-frame rail: 8’8”

• Curved ledge: 26’

• Kicker to down rail: 9’

• Six stair hubbas: 9’3”

• Flat down rail: 8’ across and 8’ down

• High-low A-frame rail: 7’7” and 9’3”

• Small hubba: 10’3”

• Center gap: 9’ in the middle and 4’7” on sides

The Breakdown: Park Course Overview:

• Layback bank: 9’

• Pool coping pocket: 8’

• Hip: 6’

• Mountain Dew can extension: 11’

• Mellow transition: 9’6”

• Round deep end: 9’8”

This time around the summer Dew Tour competition serves as the first official Olympic qualifying event in the U.S. for men’s and women’s park and street skateboarding.

Street and Park Course Breakdown Presented by Boost Mobile: 2019 Dew Tour Long Beach | Dew Tour

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