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The Street Plant Battalion Fest 2018 took place on April 6, 7, and 8 in Houston, TX.

The Festivities got started on Friday Night, April 6, at the Legendary Rockefeller’s Houston, with Live Music from: Trukstop Assassins, D. Kosmo, Mike Vallely & The Texas New Arms, Baron Von Bomblast, Khobretti, and McRad.

Saturday, April 7 was the Screen Print Art Show at 4202 Screen Print Gallery, which featured Art Exhibits, Vendors, Live Screen Printing, Live Music, and Skating at the Burgside DIY throughout the day. Featured Artists Included: Yusuke Tsuge, Greg Turra, Bigfoot, Max Mueller, Rob Wallace, Crab Scrambly, Mike Vallely, ISHI, Mike Aches, Greg Higgins, Mark Ferris, Alex Manahan, Sean Randlett, Matt Brooks, Mark Hill, Bernie O’Dowd, and Steve Caballero.

On Sunday, April 8, Everyone who was still in town met up for a Skate Session at the Iconic EZ-7 Ditch which was followed by a Get Together / Bar-B-Que at the Manahan Household, AKA: Gnarnia.

Great Times Were Had!!!!

Much Love and Thanks to Josh Yelley, The Street Scoundrels Houston, Dan Panic, and 4202 Screen Print Gallery for making it happen, and to All the Bands, Artists, Skaters and Everyone who came out to be with us in Houston! Much Love!!!!

Filmed & Edited By Rob Wallace, w/ Additional Footage By Mark Hill.


Ampline “Have Gun, Will Travel”


SofaBurn Records

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SofaBurn Records

STREET PLANT: Battalion Fest 2018 | STREET PLANT

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STREET PLANT: Bones Brigade Stockholm Demo (1988) - STREET PLANT

STREET PLANT: Bones Brigade Stockholm Demo (1988) – STREET PLANT

STREET PLANT – ENGINEERED FOR THE STREETS | SINCE 1984 | NEVER COMPLY July 5, 1988 Bones Brigade: Stockholm Demo. Featuring: Mike Vallely, Lance Mountain, Steve Caballero and Tommy Guerrero. Stor Och Liten Stockholm, Sweden Sergels Square Stockholm, Sweden Filmed By / Footage Provided By: John Pååg. Edit: Rob Wallace.

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