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Street Plant® Skateboards: Curb Captain

The Curb Captain, Anthony Shearer, was one of Street Plant’s earliest supporters, and then he quickly became a Friend. When we decided to issue Battalion Series Signature Models, we knew Anthony would be amongst the first, and he now joins Kayne Hayes and Blake Sacre in this distinction. 

Anthony Inspires us with his Ripping Skating, his Devotion to Skateboarding (he owns his own Skate Shop: Roll Forever Skate Shop), and his Love for his Awesome and Creative Family!

Our Curb Captain Board, Hand Crafted By Master Skateboard Craftsman Paul Schmitt at PS Stix, with Art By Yusuke Tsuge, is on my Barnyard Shape (Anthony’s Favorite) from 1989, featuring Modern Concave.

— Mike Vallely

Video/Edit: Rob Wallace


The Light Wires / The Hum Of Black Machines

Ampline / Until He Wore Out And Died

Courtesy of SofaBurn Records

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Street Plant® | Curb Captain | STREET PLANT

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