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There’s no better time to be alive than at the Helsinki Helride, where skateboarders and skate fans take to the streets of Helsinki, Finland to turn the beautiful architecture into skateable art.

The Helride boys know how to put on an event that appeals to every style of skating, from gnarly wall rides to stairsets, banks, ledges and of course the effervescent Suvilahti DIY at the heart of the event. #savesuvilahtidiy

Biggups to the whole Helride crew for a special week! 🙌


Gabriel Fortunato (BRA) | ,

Stavros Razis (CL) | ,

Dario Mattorollo (AR) | ,

DlaminiDlamini (ZA) | ,

Kevin Baekkel (NO) | ,

Sam Beckett (UK) |

and even Phil Zwijsen (BE) |

in recovery but on hand with the dad-cam.

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Streets of #HELride 2019 | Monster Energy

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