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  • PotatoPlop

Leftover footage from the fastest summer ever. Onto the next one!

Film/Edit: Daniel Policelli

Instagram: @danielpolicelli

Summer '18 Leftovers - Plop of The Day #40 | PotatoPlop

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LAVID-20 | PotatoPlop

LAVID-20 | PotatoPlop

PotatoPlop – Film/Edit: Daniel Policelli | Instagram: @danielpolicelli Randoms/extras from my recent trip to LA. Featuring… Tanner Lawler Tyler Pacheco Wesley Borges Vincent Alvarez Griffin Gass Jordan Trahan Steven Smith Rick Howard Roger Bagley Sebo Walker Lucas Puig Cody Chapman Niels Bennett Greg DeHart #skateboarding #hpx170
Pre-Quarantine Session | Crailtap | PotatoPlop

Pre-Quarantine Session | Crailtap | PotatoPlop

PotatoPlop – Film/Edit: Daniel Policelli | Instagram: @danielpolicelli Some of the boys got together for a rainy day session at the Crailtap park before LA went into lockdown. Featuring… Niels Bennett Cody Chapman Griffin Gass Tyler Pacheco Greg DeHart #crailtap #skateboarding #hpx170

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