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Source: OJ Wheels

Hop into the sesh with Dolan Stearns, Willis Kimbel and Chris Gregson as they rip this radically crusty asphalt spot on that new Super Juice.

Filmed By: Austin Ayub


Apache Tomcat

“Mouse Trap”

Super Juicin': The Asphalt Bump - OJ Wheels

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OJ Wheels – It all started with a letter from NJ Skateshop. The homies said “Come on home, we miss you”. Unfortunately, by the time this piece of post reached John Gardner the COVID-19 pandemic was sweeping across the nation. Flying’s out. Car’s busted. What’s the move? JG knows that skating ain’t cancelled this year and grab his NEW signature Mini Super Juice and starts pushing east. Hit that play button and jump on the journey as John rolls from LBC to NJ. We guarantee this is a CRUISIN’ for the books… Filmed by: Austin Leleu (@austinleleu) & Elias Parise (@eliasparise) Edited by: Elias Parise Music by: Metalleg Bandcamp: John Gardner Signature Mini Super Juice are shipping to skate shops this September 2020. Hit up your local skate shop for more information. Learn More About Super Juice and OJ Wheels Here: What”s the deal with Super Juice? Super Juice is the evolution of OJ’s super classic Hot Juice cruiser wheel! Straight out of lab, Super Juice features a new reinforced core and completely redesigned chip-resistant shape, all on OJ’s classic ultra buttery 78a urethane. Cop a set and hit the crust! | #OJWheels Instagram: @ojwheels Facebook: Twitter: @ojwheels Snapchat: oj_wheels
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