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Jim Greco’s new, lightweight, signature low top masterfully combines the best elements of a vulcanized sole with a cup sole.

SUPRA is pleased to announce the release of Jim Greco’s fifth signature shoe, the Hammer. The new low top combines the elegant simplicity of a classic casual shoe with the comfort and technology of a modern skate shoe.

“I wanted to make a super simple looking shoe,” Jim said recalling the design process. “There’s a million shoes out there that are simple, but I really wanted that fusion of vulcanized and cup sole because I like the feel of the vulc, but I like the impact absorbing features of the cup sole. I went back and forth with Josh [Brubaker], we tweaked on the drawings together, we got some cool original details, but kept a simple aesthetic, and it came out awesome.”

The Hammer is a high performance, lightweight, low top skate shoe. The upper has a short eye stay, a long vamp, and minimal branding. And while the front of the cup sole tapers to provide the board feel of a vulcanized sole, the heel of the sole is outfitted with a lightweight, molded SUPRAFOAM midsole for superior impact absorption.

The Hammer is being released in two styles:

Grey suede. Grey nubuck. Black canvas tongue. Blue SUPRAFOAM midsole. Grey outsole with blue traction pods.

Black suede. Black canvas. White, speckled, SUPRAFOAM midsole. White outsole with black traction pods.

“It was important for me to have a shoe that was skateable right out of the box,” Jim said, “and we nailed it. I’ve had so much fun skating in these. It’s the best shoe I’ve ever skated in.”

The Jim Greco signature Hammer is now available at better skate retailers worldwide, and








SUPRA FOOTWEAR Presents The Jim Greco Signature Hammer - DENNIS MARTIN

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