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TAPE HUNT | #01 - Be Skate Mag

TAPE HUNT is a cool VX independent project produced by Akira Utida and Gustavo Galvani to expose the large community of Brazilian skaters residents in Barcelona. Enjoy the first chapter featuring: André Saide, Kevin Besset, Gabriel Loureiro, Thiago Lima, João Miguel Bravim, Rodrigo Gonzalez, Arthur Dias, Felipe Felix Zézin, Jr Pig, Ramon Muniz, Bruno Mendes, Adrian Lobo, Erick Ziegler. Some real skating from the heart at the streets of Barcelona!

Via Tape Hunt & Furto Visual

Cast: Be Skate Mag

Tags: beskatemag, tape hunt, BE Skateboarding Mag, Kevin Besset, João Miguel Bravim, João Churchill, Thiago Lima, Gabriel Loureiro, Rodrigo Gonzalez, Felipe Felix Zézin, Erick Ziegler, Leandro Fischer, Jr Pig, André Saide, Niet Pires, Adrian Lobo, Arthur Dias, Bruno Mendes and Ramon Muniz

TAPE HUNT | #01 - Be Skate Mag

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