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Last Friday, a few hundred folks rolled out to San Francisco’s First Amendment Gallery for the adidas Showcase. The corner of 6th and Howard was popping off for the event, bringing out skateboarders, sign-painters, local artists, and a whole array of San Francisco’s ever-dwindling creative class. Inside the gallery, art from all around the Bay Area hung on the walls, turning the spotlight on some of the best artists in the world of skateboarding.

The free drinks were flowing and the music blaring, as DJ Lady Q and later Commissure served up music for the event. Everyone certainly made a point to get plenty of sleep for Saturday’s skate event, where some of the best Bay Area rippers competed for cash prizes on the ramps adidas set up on Jessie Street. With Thrasher’s physical store next door, and the magnetically charismatic Gary Rogers on the megaphone, skateboarding’s omnipotent presence was alive and well in San Francisco.

The adidas Showcase at San Francisco's First Amendment Gallery | Juxtapoz Magazine

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Juxtapoz Magazine – It’s rare that you can sit down with one artist who represents so much of a cultural shift that you can’t easily define where to start with their impact. Ron English is that artist. From street art, pop surrealism, activism, political art, public interventions, performance art, music, vinyl toys… the list could go on, but Ron English has played a major roll in shaping the directions in which contemporary art could and has gone over the last 4 decades. The Radio Juxtapoz Podcast sat down with English at DesignerCon in sunny Southern California in mid-November 2019 for a wide-ranging (thank you iced Americanos!) conversation about not only the influential career he has had, but how the contemporary political climate has helped and hindered his art practice. Juxtapoz editor, Evan Pricco, who worked with English on an Political Art issue back in 2012, sits back and let’s the artist ruminate on Trump, street art and how DesignerCon has taken the baton for underground art expressions. The Radio Juxtapoz Podcast is hosted by Doug Gillen of Fifth Wall TV and Juxtapoz Editor, Evan Pricco.
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