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  • PotatoPlop

Had to do it again…

Film/Edit: Daniel Policelli | Instagram: @danielpolicelli

Song: È La Mia Vita – Al Bano

Art of Skateboarding Bails 1 –

Art of Skateboarding Bails 2 –

Art of Skateboarding Bails 3 –

The Art of Skateboarding Bails 4 | PotatoPlop

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Didn't Cha Know? | PotatoPlop

Didn’t Cha Know? | PotatoPlop

PotatoPlop – April Randoms… We’re workin’ on it. Film/Edit: Daniel Policelli | Instagram: @danielpolicelli #skateboarding #hpx170
Nice lil Sunday | PotatoPlop

Nice lil Sunday | PotatoPlop

PotatoPlop – Film/Edit: Daniel Policelli | Instagram: @danielpolicelli A nice lil Sunday in Austin, Texas with Sean Malto, Kenny Anderson and Rick Howard. March 8th, 2020. #Crailtap #hpx170 #skateboarding

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