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We’re hyped to release the full length independent Sheffield scene video: ‘The Panasonic Youth Video’ filmed by Zach McAdam which released late 2019. Featuring Tom O’Driscoll, Gary McNaughton, Shaun Currie, Ben Broyd, Dead Dave, Matlok Bennett-Jones, Alexis Jamet, Seb Batty, Liam Siddall, Rasheed Osman, Ron Calow, Denver Adams, Ellis Ashley and many more northern based heads. Enjoy the full thing above!

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The Panasonic Youth Video | Vague Skate Mag

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Dylan Hughes - SpeedStyle | Vague Skate Mag

Dylan Hughes – SpeedStyle | Vague Skate Mag

Vague Skate Mag – Subscribe here: Spit and Sawdust’s very own Christian Hart has done it again, and when paired with Dylan ‘The Huge’ Hughes you know it’s going to be next level in every sense. The song used is a tribute and has been skated to before by the undisputed legend Ben Raemers for a Tiltmode Army episode (here: and we urge you to re-watch that part before and after watching Christian The Pirate’s masterpiece below. Ben forever! Thank you to Christian, Dylan, SpeedStyle Joe and All of the Dragon cameos! Who’d have thought Speed Shade sponsor would improve your game so much!? Check Dylan Hughes’ new part above and a very serious interview with SpeedStyle CEO Joe here: Filmed by: Pedro Mayn, Harry Deane, Mike Ridout, Nick Richards & Christian Hart Cast: Dylan Hughes – Himself Joe Hodgetts – Speed Style boss Dan Bunn – Hand model Nia Metcalfe – Hand model Pulley – Himself Security guard – Himself Unsuspecting woman smoking – Herself Thank you: Jim O Arthur @ Free Leo Comanescu
Mark Metzner - Backlands | Vague Skate Mag

Mark Metzner – Backlands | Vague Skate Mag

Vague Skate Mag – Subscribe here: Jono Coote: “While Mark Metzner is a skateboarder from the port city of Mannheim in South West Germany, as far as we know (from the following interview) he doesn’t occasionally hallucinate iguanas or indulge in illegal activities beyond the odd bit of trespassing in the hunt for new terrain to skate. Disappointingly, for someone who planned to run this interview along the lines of relentless comparisons with Nic Cage’s character in the aforementioned film (even if they didn’t really make sense), he isn’t even involved in a destructive relationship with Eva Mendez. In fact he seems like a fairly pleasant person, with his work life divided between bar work and teaching kids PE and a passion for cooking and laid back music (“no hard German techno”, he is keen to make clear) in his spare time.” Enjoy Converse CONS, Polar (via Beast Distribution) and Arrow and Beast’s very own Mark Metzner’s ‘Backlands’ part above and his interview here: Filmed & Edited by: Pat Ridder, Derek Elam & Florian Öppling. Additional Filming by: Don Luong, Justin Lin, Ziggy Schaap, Lars roth, Christian Pelz, Dominik Schneider, Franz Grimm, Lukas Brehm, Max Heckmann & Christoph Kohlmann. Artwork by: Fabian F. Fuchs

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