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  • Krux Trucks

Nick Merlino explains how he started riding for Krux and why he like the Krux low with the Downlow Kingpin aka the DLK.

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SuB tO tHe TuBe!

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The Trucks That Switch Ollied El Toro | Krux Trucks

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Krux Trucks "Blown Out" Full Video | Krux Trucks

Krux Trucks – One of the finest skate soundtracks of all time… or at least 2003. Only copyright issue was a Prince song we had to replace in the TiltMode section Blown Out: 2003 Filmed and Directed by Eric Noren Featuring: Colt Cannon, Caswell Berry, Louie Barletta, Ricky Oyola, Brian Emmers, Emmanuel Guzman, Windsor James, Dan Murphy, Tyler Hansen, Jeremiah Babb, Adrian Mallory, Nestor Judkins and more! Produced by Ron Whaley, Jeff Kendall, Krux Trucks, NHS inc.
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The Smoothest Grinds | Krux Trucks

Krux Trucks – Master of rails, Kechaud Johnson drops facts about why he skates the new Krux DLK’s with the Downlow Kingpin. Perfect for tricks that dip! Like feebles, smiths, hurricanes, willy grinds, bennatars, barley grinds, sugarcanes… Get Krux DLK’s here:

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