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Bordeaux was the last stop of choice for The Volcom Garden Experience tour 2019 in Europe, and the music & party gods blessed us with warm weather & good vibes.

Les Vivres de L’art is a special venue including galleries, two closed gardens, and a plaza including a boat and a bunker full of sculptures from local artist Jean François Buisson

The creative market was a hit with local artists and friends showing/selling their works Babat, Tortuga666, Mondo Zero collective, Badwolf & Witches, Margaux Henry Thiullent, records shops Superlovedisc and Club 33 45, apparel entrepreneurs HY skate bag and Eudoxie, but also foodtrucks and the Volcom Store Bordeaux.

The gallery hosted the exhibition of screenprinted posters from Elzo Durt, photos from Jelle Keppens and the collab posters from Mike Giant with artists Sinpiggyhead, FreakCity, Elzo Durt and Hugo Zorro.

As the afternoon ended, spirits got high, beers were flowing and the garden DJs got louder…the gigs started in the gallery with Oli G’s and Tim Tang’s Leopard Ale, quickly followed by Pizza Knife front man cleaning the dance floor with his body to set the tone.

Then, Rotterdam’s Iguana Death Cult went full on party mode and got everyone swinging, but the local superband Magnetix were next and brought their fans along, nailing an intense and heavy set.

Mozes And The Firstborn closed the shows with another great gig from sound to stage performance, rumors are that was one of the last ones…, we will miss you guys!

Thanks to everyone involved with this event and the whole tour, from artists & organizers to the public, the big Volcom family vibes were great.

Photos from Vincent Coupeau and video from Kam


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