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Theobalds Cap Co. presents ATHLETICS - HOLD TIGHT LONDON

Following on from the successful release of “Dendridic Flux”, Theobalds Cap Co. have once again collaborated with infamous South London skate film maker Henry Edwards-Wood to bring you ‘Athletics’, a skateboard film which explores the relationship between skateboarding in it’s many forms and it’s supposed antithesis in organised sport.

Shot over a few weekends in London this skate promo parodies a good old fashioned skate mission with the prestige, drama and spectacle of Olympic scale sporting events.

Athletics features skateboarding from Theobalds Cap Co. riders Jeremy Jones, Jake Bidmead, Joel Banner, Kyle Wilson, Cam Barr as well as many cameos and guest appearances by various Southbank related workers, lurkers and general street murkers,

Head to to help UNLOCK THE UNDERCROFT by rasiing the funds to begin the restoration of the old small banks and be sure to cop the new Theobalds Caps Athletics pack at all good skateshops or online at


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Theobalds Cap Co. presents ATHLETICS - HOLD TIGHT LONDON

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