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Titus presents „Destroy the Spot“, a new skate contest, supported by Emerica and realized with helping hands from Flatspot Magazine. The idea behind this new contest format is to find unique skatespots in various cities and allow locals or anyone else to battle it out for the best tricks and lines. There are essentially no real “judges“ or points, but rather a gathering of skateboarders seeing what’s capable at a raw street spot! The first event took place in Arnhem, which couldn´t have been a better starting point. Just arriving to the train station of this city feels like skate heaven, but after a 10 minute skate through the city, you will arrive at a one of a kind spot: the provincehuis! The first “Destroy the spot” event took place on Sunday, August 26th. Luckily, the skate spot itself was not actually “destroyed”, but a shitload of truly insane tricks went down that showcased how amazingly good the Dutch skaters are!

The idea was to start mellow and end it with bangers from two o´clock onwards. A boom box from provided some good tunes while the skaters got in a little warm up on the „stair ledges” and people started putting lines together. Ledge, barrier, flatground trick, and then stairs/gap out rail was how the flow turned out. Rob Maatmann killed it with a very fine trick selection earning him a winning spot, hands down!

After the line section was finished, the gap out rail with stairs was the next obstacle of choice. Rob killed it again, but Bert Roeterdink put down a crazy gap to front crooks and then started charging the rail switch. Gap to switch crooks was already THE banger of the day, but Bert even tried to gap out to a switch back 5-0. Unfortunately, he couldn´t roll away but was damn close. Next time Bert!

Last spot of the event was a gap over stairs and a similar but even bigger gap out rail at the same plaza. The gap was sessioned heavily, including Rob with a backside 360, a switch heelflip, and a gap to 5-0 on the rail. Titus flow rider Stefan Schuring came in hot with a huge front shuv-it but rolled his ankle on a varial heel attempt. Ewoud Breukink had no problem clearing the gap with a frontside flip and earned his place as MVP for shredding so hard on all three spots. However, the winning trick was once again a gnarly rail trick, gap to backside lipslide by Teun Janssen. Everybody seemed super hyped with the turnout of the event and we’re already excited to see which city gets picked next. Utrecht? Den Haag? Only time will tell, stay tuned!

TITUS presents DESTROY THE SPOT supported by EMERICA | Arnhem, NL | Titus

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Titus DESTROY THE SPOT | Bochum | Titus

Titus DESTROY THE SPOT | Bochum | Titus

Titus – Follow us | | | Wäre im Jahre 2020 alles „nach Plan verlaufen“, säßen momentan wahrscheinlich 90% aller Rollbrettfahrer vor dem Fernseher und würden erstmalig Skateboarding bei den olympischen Spielen bestaunen. Auch wenn solche Wettbewerbsstrukturen in der Szene stets verschrien waren und sind, reingeschaut hätten sicher die Meisten; alleine schon des gemeinsamen „Ab-Hatens“ willen. Mit dem „Destroy the Spot“ Format hat Titus jedoch eine Wettbewerbsidee umgesetzt, die auch eingefleischten Gegnern des kompetitiven Skateboarding Begeisterung entlocken kann. Vergangenes Jahr einzig in den Niederlanden ausgetragen, war es 2020 an der Zeit, auch auf deutschem Boden einen „real Streetcontest“ dieses Formats zu starten. Die Bochumer Ruhr-Uni mit dem QVC (Stairs & Lines) und der altbekannten Hubba wurden als Spot-Areal auserkoren und auch wenn dort nach wie vor alles beim Alten ist – tricktechnisch wurden die drei bewerteten Spots auf jeden Fall zerstört! If everything had gone “according to plan” in 2020, probably 90% of all skateboarders would be sitting in front of the TV at the moment and stare at skateboarding at the Olympic Games for the first time. Even if such competitive structures have always been and still are mostly hated within the scene, most people would have looked in, if only for the sake of having something to hate on. But with the “Destroy the Spot” format, Titus has implemented a competition idea that can also arouse the enthusiasm of die-hard opponents of competitive skateboarding. Last year the competition was held in the Netherlands only, but in 2020 it was time to start a “real Streetcontest” of this format on German soil as well. The Ruhr-Uni Bochum with the QVC (Stairs & Lines) and the well-known Hubba were chosen as the spot area and even if everything is still the same there – trick-wise the three spots were definetely destroyed! Filming & Edit: Johannes Riedel #Titus #DestroyTheSpot #Skateboarding #KeepPushing
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Titus Bremen | Christiano Da Ros | -33- | Titus

Titus – Since 1998, for no less than 22 years, the Titus Skateshop in Bremen has been the kingpin of the local skate-scene. Christiano da Ros has been a team rider of the store located at the eastern end of Ostertorsteinweg for almost as long. Now at the age of 33, he recently released a new street part. Certain shots suggest that Christiano’s filmmaker Dennis Klose is a huge Ty Evans fan, giving a couple of the clips an epic touch. Moreover, the part proves that Bremen has a lot of good street spots to offer besides its four skate parks and is always worth a trip. Way to go Christiano, to the next 33 years! Seit 1998, also seit sage und schreibe 22 Jahren, ist der Titus Skateshop in Bremen Dreh- und Angelpunkt der dortigen Szene. Fast genauso lange ist Christiano da Ros Teamrider des am östlichen Ende des Ostertorsteinwegs gelegenen Stores und hat mit nun 33 Jahren kürzlich einen neuen Street-Part veröffentlicht. Gewisse Aufnahmen lassen vermuten, dass Christianos Filmer Dennis Klose ein großer Ty Evans Fan ist, was so manchem Clip einen epischen Touch verleiht. Zudem beweist der Part, dass Bremen neben seinen vier Skateparks auch eine Fülle an guten Streetspots zu bieten hat und stets eine Reise wert ist. Way to go Christiano, auf die nächsten 33 Jahre!

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