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Tobias Kasemir - Messi Clip Titus Mannheim - Titus

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Matze Wieschermann HD Part Youtube | Titus

Matze Wieschermann HD Part Youtube | Titus

Titus – Titus Wiesbaden and Osiris Shoes team rider Matthias Wieschermann is without any question one of the most technically skilled skateboarders in Germany. After his VX part published only two months ago Matze has just finished another clip, this time filmed in HD quality. The skating impresses as always with first class lines and you can only keep asking how many more schools with awesome ledge spots can still be found in the area around Darmstadt!? Way to go, Matze! Titus Wiesbaden und Osiris Shoes Teamrider Matthias Wieschermann gehört ohne Frage zu den technisch versiertesten Skateboardern Deutschlands. Erst vor zwei Monaten hatte Matze einen VX Part rausgehauen, der sich gewaschen hat, nun folgt ein weiterer Clip in HD-Qualität. Das Skating beeindruckt wie immer mit Lines erster Güte und man fragt sich, wie viele Schulen mit geilen Curb-Spots es in der Umgebung von Darmstadt eigentlich noch geben kann!? Way to go, Matze!
Titus x Street Trash DIY | Titus

Titus x Street Trash DIY | Titus

Titus – “J’PEUX PAS, J’AI PISCINE” Titus x Street Trash DIY Before June 21st, TITUS Skateshop gathered with the parisian suburbs DIY’ – Street Trash – to help renewing their local spot. As Go Skate Day sould be everyday, the spot remains open for all thoses who will find it. For more infos find the locals from Fontainebleau or the Guys from LOCO skateboard . Supporting all this motivation the local Shop : Soce skateshop is organizing an event for the GO Skate Day 2020. Contact them and feel free to join them for a session Today! With the Titus & Tornados Team France and the Street Thrash Locals. Filmed & edited by : Guillaume Périmony Thanks to VANS DICKIES LOCO skateboard & All the locals. KEEP PUSHIN ! Music : Police – When the world is going down

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