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  • foghornleghornn

made the first version on tha way to dc and the second part back home, couldn’t decide which one I liked more

filmed edited produced by me

additional filming by Marcus Pulvermacher

on the road threw a loop on the sample the shit sound fiya

on my right is my mans got the toe got the gas mix it up so that we can get hiya

I always got my toe on the gas

pedal pass

hit the store got my mask on

task done whats next decimals and some fractions

actions cause effect my friend do you have some

can’t dwell on the fact you alone in the faction

wax on this is it you got grow with your passion

facts on represent

we gon diva the rations its

evident the we lit like some matches

its just funny cus nigga I done failed all my classes

it’ll work some things just move slow like molasses

hard to see at first while the blur off the glasses ay

we got get it in an orderly fashion ain’t flashy but we shining when the cameras start flashin

Toeonthegas v1/v2 | foghornleghornn

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THANKYOU FT.454 /PITCHD+ | foghornleghornn

foghornleghornn – orig version soundcloud link: 454. break it down lemme know what it’s hitting for making trips back to back to keep my spirits up niggas saying tuck ya chain cus they be hittin up you cant trust a soul because ur friends be switchin up operate my digits so my mom could spin a bentley truck you know that i’m with it she ain’t ever gotta give a fuck gotta push the limit we can’t settle for the minimum 1980s vet so i can pull up with the windows down you aint ever seen a jit like me cus im from outta town baby i’m not around you know how i get down we connect on the ground return back safe and sound you know how i get down baby no not around i came back on grey hound return back safe and sound foghornleghornn. i told my mama that i’m thankful grateful sorry for the years that in was hateful, aimless tasteless like this loop without this bass is can’t wait til this covid over play a show look over just to see these niggas faces faceless like the spirit that chihiro took the train with yea any anguish, we’ll relinquish taking praise from niggas and they peoples they threw shade with these niggas shameless but i just thank em thankyou
THANKYOU_ft.454 | foghornleghornn

THANKYOU_ft.454 | foghornleghornn

foghornleghornn – produced by the bofa us filmed by Tommy Bohn and Marcus Pulvermacher directed edited by me hope utube dnt flag my sht lmao on streamin sumtime soon

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