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Volcom is proud to present Together there is more of us the latest men’s and women’s capsule from Volcom’s featured artist program. Providing artists with a unique canvass for their work, since ’91. Together there is more of us features exclusive work from…Briand, Elzo Durt, Julien Dupont, Scnhip Scnhips & Max Loeffler

Together there is more of us encompasses a raw feeling of unity, bonds of shared passions that transcend societal norms and boundaries. A detached and irreverent take on the meetings and encounters which take place on our everyday journeys that shape our existence. Replacing the term strangers with friends you haven’t met yet at festivals, concerts, the beach and skateparks. Places that unite like-minded people through meaningful cultural experiences forming lasting and unbreakable bonds.

Together there is more of us - The Volcom Featured Artists Collection - Volcom

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