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For our Autumn drop, we got exploring the streets of Tokyo, a jungle of lights and manga, not forgetting the colossal bowls of ramen we got into. But this place is so much more than that, this environment of sensory overload sparks an utterly unique feeling of youthful creation laced with a rich and unparalleled culture that goes back centuries. There is simply no place like it. One minute you are in Blade Runner, immersed in a sea of people in the Shibuya 109, the next you are down the skinny alleys of Nombei Yokocho standing underneath swinging lone lanterns. The paradoxical nature of this urban playground is part of its endless intrigue.

Afends girl through and through, Zoe Cross, and the magic Mannan stood against the dark of the night on the wet backstreets of the city. Wearing our Freedom tee, in the motley two-tone wash, this subtle tie-dye slouchy fit tee was a contemporary contradiction to the typical Harajuku fashion that exudes the schoolgirl innocence and that infamous feline, instead, we got our tomboy on. Mannan sported the Cara cord jacket and Shelbys in the midnight Raven while golden Zoe wore our favourite Art of Living x Lord Newry tee and then slipt into the Tour striped long-sleeve in black and white, a nod to the renowned inner-city zebra crossings, swarming with the characters of the city.

Later we went underground, dodging scooters, commuters and Toyko’s looters, Mannon was right at home in the Kemp Hemp shirt in our latest Mulberry Check, gingham bucket and knee-high docs. Meanwhile, Zoe continued this mix of menswear in the retro Back Beach polo married with the port Shelbys and attitude aplenty. Under the city sky the night felt eternal and we were content being lost in translation.

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Models @mannanworld @crossandbone

Photographer: @mayakibbel

Video and edit by: @crossandbone @hollywood_related

Tokyo Nights | Afends

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