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Always so hyped when footage of Freestyle Skate Store and Fore-Cast’s very own Tom Bailey footage pops up! Check his quick part above filmed by Harry Deane for an eclectic trick selection and general annihilation of any gradient in sight. Style, steeze and shrederry all feature in abundance. Words by Harry Deane: “I have always been a big fan of Bailey’s skating….he’s like a Welsh-Mexican Andrew Allen.

So we had been filming bits while going on missions with the fellas (Jake Collins, Sam Pulley etc) and before we know it we were sat on a good minute. I proposed the idea of a dropping a part and Bailey was keen. We decided to make more of a conscious effort and go on missions to try wrap it up so shit doesn’t get old. Enjoy what we have collected and this won’t be his last part, I tell you! VIVA LA RISCA”

Filmed and Edited by: Harry Deane

Cover Photo by: Mike Ridout

Tom Bailey - VIVA LA RISCA | Vague Skate Mag

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Vague Skate Mag – Subscribe here: Welcome Skate Store’s Tom van den Hoeven along with Dutch connection / Karaoke Skate affiliates Justin Wagener, Jan Maarten Sneep, Ziggy Schaap (with a lil Bastiaan van Zadelhoff cameo) and Robin De Witt got productive during lockdown to bring you their ISO-VAGUE part, filmed in Amersfoort, Rotterdam, Den Haag, Haarlem and surrounding areas at their finest ledges, pads and curbs. Get stoked then go skate your very own mediocre versions of these spots! If you missed the first few ISO-VAGUE Parts we released you can see them below. Enjoy many a legend above and keep your eyes peeled for the full ISO-VAGUE Video coming soon. Joe Gavin ISO-VAGUE Part: Phil Marshall & Casey Foley ISO-VAGUE Part: Charlie Munro & Buffalo Zoldiers ISO-VAGUE Part:
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Vague Skate Mag – Subscribe here: In 2018, Jim Craven and Tom Day were working in NOTE Skateshop where discussions of a spot glimpsed in a couple of UK videos (NDK in Sofia, Bulgaria) saw some online research and astute train scheduling coalesce into a plan for a skate trip encompassing both Sofia and Bucharest, the capital of neighbouring Romania. Joined by Craig Questions, Joe O’Donnell and Jasper Clough, the trip took in an array of architecture ranging from communist marble to crumbling street transitions to lovingly shaped DIY spots. It’s fruits can be seen via the clip above and bevy of photos for the accompanying article which you can see here: Filmed and Edited by: Jim Craven and Tom Day

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