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  • Ben Slama

Tomer Gabay – stocking stuffers

edit by: Ben Slama

song: Snarky Puppy – Binky (groundUP)

Tomer Gabay - stocking stuffers | Ben Slama

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Ben Slama – Living Sculpture Festival Every year the living sculpture festival takes place in Rehovot.The festival lasts for about three days, and artists from all over the world perform their art of the living sculptures. This year was the tenth year of the festival, and thousands of visitors from all over the country came to this event. I decided that I want to document this magical venture and show it from the point of view of a little kid. The kids see the festival as a mysterious and magical world, while adults seem to be watching at the kids as little imps who run around in the dark. When the sculpturs come to life – an inexplicable magic is created. FILM AND EDIT Ben Slama @BenSalma4 SONG The One Eyed Captain by Ian Post
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This Is InDnegev | Ben Slama

Ben Slama – Film and Edit by Ben Slama instagram: Facebook page

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