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The adjective unorthodox originally referred to religion, specifically to a person or practice that went against the traditions of a particular belief. The Greek roots of unorthodox are orthos, or “right,” and doxa, or “opinion.” So someone whose beliefs are orthodox has “the right opinion,” while an unorthodox person does not. The definition has evolved so that unorthodox’s meaning is closer to “unusual” or “innovative” than just plain “wrong.”

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FANCY LAD VAN GIVEAWAY!!! | bigfancylad

bigfancylad – Any donation of $50 or more will be automatically entered into a raffle once our goal is met. The official Fancy Lad Van featured will be available for local pick up or delivery at owners expense. Although, in the unlikely event you decide you would not like the van, you may request the current scrap value in exchange…monster.
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Fancy Lad Podcast S4Ep18: Spontaneous Jazz. w/ Chris "Dune" …

bigfancylad – Bigzo and Tom Tweak are BACK in the Fancy Lad Podcast studio to talk about fine films and San Francisco. Then, Chris “Dune” Patras stops by to discuss Stereo Skateboards, curb skating, and Ethan Fowler’s man calves. All this!

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