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TransWorld SKATEboarding's Anniversary Interview with Steve Caballero — Part 1 | GrindTV - GrindTV

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Go Skateboarding Day in LA with Nyjah Huston, Paul Rodriguez, Eric Koston, and more | GrindTV - GrindTV

Go Skateboarding Day in LA with Nyjah Huston, Paul Rodriguez, Eric Kos…

GrindTV – Go Skateboarding Day (which we all know is everyday, so don’t get your panties in a wad.) had some big events going on all around the world. TransWorld SKATEboarding partnered up with NikeSB to cover their events in NYC and LA. This LA portion started off with a surprise skate session on an LA movie lot with the Nike team consisting of Nyjah Huston, Paul Rodriguez, Eric Koston, Shane O’Neill, Sean Malto, Guy Mariano and five NikeSB app winners. Three spots were built that were incorporated into the fake cityscape that was a few square blocks wide. The guys got to be treated like stars with catered food and movie star trailers for chilling out in. But after a few hours in the hot LA sun, the party moved over to the Santa Monica Courthouse for a demo and skate session with the public. With a fresh coat of paint on the ledges and two new flat bars installed, the scene was hectic and fun all in one.
TransWorld SKATEboarding's 30th Anniversary Interviews: Matt Hensley, Part 1 | GrindTV - GrindTV

TransWorld SKATEboarding’s 30th Anniversary Interviews: Matt Hen…

GrindTV – The scope of Matt Hensley’s influence circa 1990 has really never been matched. From the way he dressed and cut his hair, to the tricks he did, to the spots he skated, to the teams he rode for — Hensley was skateboarding. Having walked away from it all at his peak, his gradual return and current success with Flogging Molly only adds to the legend. Number 7 on TW SKATEboarding’s list of The 30 Most Influential Skaters Of All Time.

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