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In 1999, Eric was a kid talking shit in the back of the Special Sauce parking lot, after a signing in Bayshore NY. The footage wound up being an interlude in Transworld’s 1999 video “The Reason”. For the 30th video Duets, I thought it would be funny to redo the skit 20 years later with Eric. He told you to ” Look out for me”.

TWS Duets - Beefsteak Eric Twardy - Reason Remake Skit | thejoeface1

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Dickies Team at Woodward East | thejoeface1

Dickies Team at Woodward East | thejoeface1

Brickharbor – The team was set to be there for week 12 at Camp Woodward. Here’s the iphone highlight reel of the trip. filmed August 19th-23rd 2019 featuring: Jamie Foy, Franky Villani, Jake Hayes, Jake Johnson, Ronnie Sandoval, Tom Knox, Zack Wallin, Allysha Le, and Vincent Alvarez. Filmed by myself and the team on iphones.
Vincent Alvarez 31 for 31 | thejoeface1

Vincent Alvarez 31 for 31 | thejoeface1

Brickharbor – While we were at Woodward East in the summer of 2019, Vince decided to film 31 tricks for his 31st birthday for the “skate your age challenge”. He chose to do it on the bump to white barrier at “the rock”. Filmed on August 23rd 2019 on an iphone.

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