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“As an avid skateboarder and visual creator since the mid 90’s I’ve watched both the skateboarding and the film industry boom over the last two decades. With all the technology we used to get to the moon in ‘69, now built into our handheld smartphone devices, it’s insanely tough and demanding keeping up with everything happening on social media and sharing content for the world to see. It’s not like the 90’s when we’d hoard footage and not share what we’ve created until we had enough for a short film or a video part. Today, that’s not the case. Everyone wants to instantly share their content the second it’s created, especially in the skateboarding world. Everyone wants to be the first, the best, to perfect their skills. Adobe realized this, and created a multi platform editing software birthed Adobe Premiere Rush. Skateboarding and Ad0obe Suites have been in my blood for over 25 years now, and I’m pleased that Adobe and Vans have partnered together recently to provide the rapidly growing industry of skateboarding and video production with a new platform to edit content on the go. Back in the day we would spend all of our free time skating and driving around in search for spots that no one has ever skated. Going home that night dreaming about what tricks were possible there and anticipating coming back and doing them without getting chased off or having the cops called, most of the time running when they show up. Not to mention spending countless hours behind a computer uploading content off DV tapes and spending countless hours sifting through the footage to find a four second clip to use. Today, those days are way in the past thanks to digital media and software like Adobe CC.

Adobe’s new video editing software Adobe Premiere Rush offers inspiring video creators and filmmakers alike a new way to edit their content on the go! Rush was built off Adobe’s core technologies, Premiere, Audition, and After Effects, all built into one application, Rush!…”

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Vans Park Series (Utah) – edited with Adobe Premier Rush by Raw Media Labs

Vans Park Series / Adobe Premiere Rush - software review | ConfusionMagazine

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MUDHOLE DIY | ConfusionMagazine

MUDHOLE DIY | ConfusionMagazine

ConfusionMagazine – Skating Portland DIY in Basel, next to our hometown Lörrach, always made us want to have our own DIY project. Inspired by the spirit of the Portland crew, we started building our backyard mini ramp two years ago, based in the three country region of Germany, Switzerland and France. Wanting a ramp that’s hard enough to skate but not too high created the mudhole diy. The name is self explainatory since we had to carve out a good strip of steep land, made of clay and mud in order to get a flat foundation. After moving about 25 tons of concrete up a hill without help of any cranes, what so ever, we were finally able to start building our ramp. There was even a little bit of concrete left in order to pour our own pool copings, so this ramp is truly DIY, just as we knew it from our Swiss neighbours. Like every skater we just wanted this ramp built and ready to skate as fast as possible so there was no time to get a construction licence. That’s why, right now, we are trying to deal with the city whilst trying to get as much out of the ramp as possible. This video is just one way to keep alive good memories of this maybe, soon-gone ramp, so have a look and let’s hope for the better!
Enrique Santiago - video part | ConfusionMagazine

Enrique Santiago – video part | ConfusionMagazine

ConfusionMagazine – Skateboarder Enrique Santiago – video part Filmed/Edited by Stephen Krajnik

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