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Unfortunately the day started off with pouring rain and no forecast that we would be seeing the sun. But nearing the end of the day it started to clear up and the Vans Park Series was able to continue and the skating was as you would guess insane!


Cory Juneau

Curren Caples

Pedro Barros

Autum Tust

Madaleine Larcheron

Lilly Stoephasius

Grace Marhoefer

Kihana Ogawa

Luiz Francisco

Cedric Pabich

Chris Gregson

Martino Cattaneo

Robin Bolian

Jordan Thackeray

Ronnie Sandoval

Vincent Matheron

jaime mateu

Oskar Rozenberg Hallberg

Jake Wooten

Tristan Rennie

Raney Beres

CJ Collins

Alex Sorgente

Keegan Palmer

Karl Berglind


Tim Koster


Woody Hoogendijk


Mickey – Thompson Town Flowers

Music by Epidemic Sound (sign up for your free 30 day’s subscription)

Products we use:

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The camera we mostly use –

The Fisheye lens we use (without vignetting) –

The Fisheye lens we use (with vignetting) –

On camera sound captured with the Rode Mic –

Woody’s famous mic –

The SD cards we use –

And if you need a bag with it, it all fits in this one –

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Vans Park Series Paris Quali highlights (Pedro Barros, Oskar Rozenberg, Karl Berglind) | Flatspot Magazine

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