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For the first time ever at Huntington Beach, the local skate community witnessed the Vans Showdown, a unique “pointless” street skating contest, far removed from traditional skate formats.

Aiming to promote the fun and cultural side of skateboarding, while showcasing the best skaters in the world, it was Taylor Kirby and Fabiana Delfino who came out on top at the inaugural Vans Showdown. For Taylor, his effortless style and consistent combinations, which included an amazing tre flip up the extra-large euro gap, plus a back three over the Quasi obstacle, made the celebrity judge’s decision easy. Fabiana impressed from the get go with her incredible transition skills and casual runs at pace. Her flawless approach demonstrated that she truly is an all-terrain skateboarder in any type of format.

Finals Results

Men’s Final

Taylor Kirby

CJ Collins

Axel Cruysberghs

Roman Pabich

Jake Anderson

Austyn Gillette

Mason Silva

Curren Caples

Simon Bannerot

Clive Dixon

Rick McCrank

David Gonzalez

Ryan Townley

Evan Smith

Pedro Delfino

Tyler Bledsoe

Women’s Final

Fabiana Delfino

Virginia Fortes Águas

Shari White

Nora Vasconcellos

Annie Guglia

Best Trick

David Gonzalez

Jordan Trehan

Clive Dixon

Bonus Awards

Workhorse Award: Nora Vasconcellos

Most Sweaty Award: Austin Kanfoush

Most Stylish Award: Myles Willard

Most Creative Award: Tyler Pacheco

Fun Seeker Award: Evan Smith

Vans Showdown 2019 Recap | TransWorld SKATEboarding

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