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We couldn’t be happier to welcome Sam Atkins to the Skate team. We have spent many hours already in the van and on the road and one thing is for sure… Sam is Van Proof and a family member to the team already.

Read and interview with Sam at:

Volcom Presents: Sam Atkins - Welcome to the Team! | Volcom

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Peter Hewitt Joins Volcom Skate Team | Volcom

Volcom – Since the early stages of his career, Peter Hewitt has pushed the level of skateboarding in his own way and on his own terms. He came up in the late 80s and early 90s and has been a huge part of skating all over the globe. Resonating out of San Diego, CA, he is a prodigy of the early San Diego skate scene. He grew in parks such as Linda Vista, Mike McGill’s skatepark and any terrain in between and beyond. His childhood crew of skaters included Jordan Richter, Fred Orlande, Alphonzo Rawls, Danny Way, and the list goes on. Pete was able to maintain his drive through the 90s when parks were gone, wheels were small, and pants were way too big. While some 90’s pros quit skating, Pete kept the fire lite and ventured out to find anything that he could rip on. This included backyards. He pioneered the early days of Bellmar’s and Chicken’s pools. “Street‐Pete” also made an appearance here and there.
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