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Welsh legends Harry Deane and Spit and Sawdust’s Christian Hart combine to bring you ‘WASHER’ for Cardiff Skateboard Club. Watch below for two halves of entertaining shredding from the Welsh capital! First half by Harry Deane featuring BDL’s such as Dylan Hughes, Jake Collins, Jess Young, Ethan Watkins, Nick Jones, Sean Barnes, Kevin Barry, Mike Ridout and Lloyd Houston. Followed by a Bute Square retrospective / advert showcasing the wonderful Gibbsy, Matt Davies, Josh Perrett and Chris Jones. Second half is delivered to you by Christian ‘The Pirate’ Hart with a Lewis Keen section in classic Christian Hart style! See the video here and view the accompanying photo gallery by Reid Allen on

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Spit and Sawdust –


WASHER - Vague Skate Mag

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Vague Skate Mag – Subscribe here: We have a new Harrison Woolgar part for you filmed throughout Brighton, Bristol, London and we’ve released it today as it’s his birthday (happy birthday fella). The part contains cameos from the likes of Dougie George, Ludo Gordon, Ash Humphrey and Cal Dawson. Admire Harrison’s tekkers in baggy attire below! Here’s some words by Bored of Southsea’s Lloyd Davies who filmed the majority of Harrison’s part: “At the tail-end of last year we’d ended up with a good wedge of footage and decided to keep going through into 2020. The world got a little fucked up so instead of sitting on this gold we decided to make it a group effort with Al on the editing, filming from myself, and footage of the homies from Mark Hawkshaw Burn, Liam Palmer and John Cyrus, but more importantly the choice moves of Harrison. Happy birthday bro!” Filmed by: Lloyd Davies Contributing Filming by: Mark Hawkshaw Burn, Liam Palmer and John Cyrus Edited by: Al Hodgson
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Vague Skate Mag – Subscribe here: Next up for our ISO-VAGUE Video upload is Butter Goods’ delightful duo: Phil Marshall and Palomino’s very own Casey Foley. Their shared part was filmed in Melbourne, Australia during lockdown, it’s always a pleasure to watch this pair. Enjoy these smooth operators above and watch Joe Gavin’s part here if you missed it: More parts from the full ISO-VAGUE Video coming soon. Filmed and Edited by: Phil Marshall and Casey Foley Music: GG DOOM – Jive Turkeys Madlib – Static Invasion

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