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Elijah Berle, Joe G, Sarah Meurle, Ozzie Wright, Edouard Depaz, Erik Ellington, Imogene Barron, Chippa Wilson, Jay Davies, Dion Agius, Brendon Gibbens, Evan Mock, Josie Prendergast, Adrien Toyon, Octavio Barrera, Allan Arma, Maxime Guignard, Ruby Haunt, Noah Lane & more


Los Angeles, Paris, Lebanon, Ireland, Guadeloupe, London, Hossegor, Rome, Bordeaux, The Azores, Oahu, Palm Springs, Amsterdam & Biarritz.

Cast: WASTED TALENT, Robin Pailler, GUILLEM CRUELLS, Yentl Touboul and Pierre David

Tags: Volume 5, Wasted Talent V, Skateboarding, Surfing, Volume V, Film, Sarah Meurle, 16mm, Super 8, Joe G, Elijah Berle, Ozzie Wright, Imogene Barron, Erik Ellington, Jay Davies, Chippa Wilson, Edouard Depaz, Dion Agius, Adrien Toyon and Evan Mock


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Last Tango In Venice — Elijah Berle | WASTED TALENT

Last Tango In Venice — Elijah Berle | WASTED TALENT

It’s easy to forget Elijah Berle is only 24 years of age. Having turned pro at just 19, Elijah’s spent the last 5 years consistently setting the bar higher for himself, resulting in a host of skate parts, King Of The Road appearances, Skater Of The Year nominations, signature colorways, filming missions across various continents and most recently; a pro shoe. We were fortunate enough to spend some downtime with the Santa Monica native in his hometown of Venice, California this spring to discuss; burn outs, surfing, living by the beach and the state of Venice culture today. LAST TANGO IN VENICE Starring Elijah Berle Produced by Wasted Talent Filmed by Yentl Touboul & Robin Pailler Edited by Robin Pailler Supported by VansCast: WASTED TALENT, Robin Pailler and Yentl Touboul
Serene - Edouard Depaz | WASTED TALENT

Serene – Edouard Depaz | WASTED TALENT

Edouard Depaz is a busy man. We’ve been trying to catch up for a while now. If you’ve ever met Edouard, you’ll know he’s a humble dude both on and off the board and in recent years, he’s built himself a tidy profile in the European scene. In fact it seems not a month goes by without seeing some new footage, whether it be a Levi’s Berlin mission, the latest Octagon clip or building a DIY spot in Bordeaux with the Rave Skateboards guys. Having crossed paths frequently over the years we always spoke about filming a clip of sorts; whether it be an insight into his hometown of Bordeaux, or a weekend of street missions in Paris where he currently resides. In the end we did both, mainly due to our Bordeaux catch up being rained out and the fact that we love an excuse to skate the French capital. The end result is ‘Serene’, a raw insight into Edouard’s daily vibes and a reflection on the cities that shaped his skateboarding.Cast: WASTED TALENT and Robin PaillerTags: Edouard Depaz, Ed Depaz, Bordeaux, Paris, Rave Skateboards, Robin Pailler, Super 8, République, Levi’s and Levi’s Skateboarding

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