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Los Angeles based artist, Natalie Wood AKA Badwood, has teamed up with SUPRA for an exclusive shoe collaboration dropping on December 14th. SUPRA’s much loved Cuba slip on, now highlights artwork from Badwood on several aspects of the shoe. In this video, Natalie speaks on her love for LA, what drives her art, and the inspirations this city brings to her everyday life.

“I was interested in collaborating because I’m a big fan of skate culture and have always loved SUPRA, especially given the fact that they offer unisex options,” said Wood. “I am inspired by art and culture within Los Angeles and given SUPRA’s roots and place in DTLA it was the perfect marriage for this collaboration.”

As a WE ARE SUPRA ambassador, BADWOOD is here to tell her story, and make moves with the SUPRA brand.

Special thanks to the the BADWOOD crew:

Natalie Wood

Wyatt Carnel

Sagen England

Dawson Klein

Austin Padilla

Sinjin Lloyd

Cianna Wachter

Cole Wachter


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