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What Happens When You Put a Slinky on an Escalator - Chris Chann

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SEASON 3 | Chris Chann

SEASON 3 | Chris Chann

christopherchann – New Merch Drop SEASON 3 @shaundrodriguez @mikaela.noelle @zandergabriel @holdenmorse @kaylaajjones @chrischann @unsatisfied @johnnyschillereff @ohandy97 If you need a car wrap please use 1 Day Wraps they’re amazing! @bonser_co Music Magic Hour – Cobra Man Joji -Pretty Boy V1nce – Pick It Up 88 rising – Hopscotch Yes – I’ve Seen All Good People Pink Guy -Shes So Nice botttom of the description secret society Thanks for staying for staying along this whole time I love you.
Joji - Run | Chris Chann

Joji – Run | Chris Chann

christopherchann – Song: Joji -Run In Collaboration with 88 Rising Filmed by Holden Morse @Holdenmorse Friends: Akwasi Baffour Owusu @akwxi Jason Park @jasonpark Cody Whitt @Codywhitt Special Thanks Ryan Chann @rchann @chrischann

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