Published on January 20, 2021 by
  • Max Williams

what it’s like trying to skate outdoors in the Midwest Winters, a short brought to you by your’s truly.


Stay tuned, working on some longer videos that are taking me a while to work on because of other work projects!

what it's like trying to skate in the Midwest winters #shorts | Max Williams

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r/skateboarding *reaction to YOUR clips* | Max Williams

Max Williams – taking a look into r/skateboarding and watching your clips on the thread! Had fun making this video. It’s been tough to go out and film friends with Covid so making videos like these that only involve me feels good. Sorry I’ve been slacking on the uploading. I really hope you guys enjoy this reddit video. If you enjoyed it, let me know in the comments and i’ll make more videos like his or more reaction videos! leave a “sk8” in the comments if you are reading this! yours truly, willmax95 You can see more from me here:
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Max Williams – Fargo Skateboarding with Austin, I managed to get a clip in here too! We went in for a super quick session at Fargo Skatepark and I filmed what we could in the time we had. Probably going to make more of these quick session edits, so stay tuned! Comment “big aus” if you are reading the comments section here. Sorry, I know the video is short but we had fun and I enjoyed making this edit so hopefully you like it too! yours truly, willmax95

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