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  • Ruben Vermeulen

Zehma official Pharma commercial.

100% succes rate!

Tested and approved by medical practitioners.

*Zehma is not responsible for possible side-effects.

ZEHMA - For a better life | Zehma Official

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Cult Members | Zehma Official

Cult Members | Zehma Official

Ruben Vermeulen – Featuring: Simon De Volder, Joris Van Wiele, Timothy Verlinde, Victor Vanpuyvelde, Arthur Bultynck, Artjom Glucci, Ramsy Saidi, Patrice Lightinabox, Wim Jacobs, Jules Bluekens, Simon Deprez, Kevin Tshala, Lucas De Maesschalck, Ruben Vermeulen, Patricio Valdes Gacitua, Christian Plettner, Jonathan Vlerick, Kenny Van Den Broeck, Mohamed Saouti, Siebert Glele, Vincenzo Colameo, Dimi Pauwels, Lucas Bartucci, Nick Steenbeke, Lennert Stevens, Claudio, Niels Stevens, Jakob Hodel, Austyn Gilette, Matt Gottwig, Jake Anderson, Salomon Cardenas Jr., Dick Rizzo, Luca Van Driessch, Mauro Creytens, Gianni Perez, Dieter Nys, Vincent Bakker, Willem Dirks, Kevin Vergult, Ward Depuydt, Xander De Vlieger, Pierre Vermeire, Guillaume Clincke, Yanek, Jacob Janssens, Arne Vogel, Tim Verschelden, Wilson Withof, August Vernimmen, Bram, Eliu, Senne Roels, Pauwel Degreef, Thomas De Ben, Bobby Filmed & Edited by: Ruben Vermeulen Additional filming: Patricio Valdes, Timothy Deconynck, Wim Jacobs, Mohamed Saouti, Lucas De Maesschalck, Victor Vanpuyvelde, Daniel Vilches, Dieter Nys, Arthur Bultynck, Siebert Glele, Artjom Glucci Music: Space Art – Nous Savons Tout Cheech & Chong – Lost Due To Incompetence Selda – Ince Ince Bir Kar Yagar Andre Nickatina – Diamonds & Carrots Nick Cave – Opium Tea Bobby McFerrin – Thinkin’ About Your Body Velly Joonas – Stopp, Seisku Aeg! Mort Garson – Baby’s Tears Blues Velvet Underground – Femme Fatale Suf Daddy – Absolutely Beautiful Mort Garson – Girl Watching Niagara – Malanga Vanilla Fudge – You Keep Me Hangin’ On
30 minutes until lockdown | Zehma Official

30 minutes until lockdown | Zehma Official

Ruben Vermeulen – Featuring: Arthur Bultynck Laurens Willems Victor Vanpuyvelde Sloan Laurits Ruben Vermeulen Kevin Tshala

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